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 Welcome to my new web site, Interdimensional Light.  We are a work in progress featuring  interdimensional pictures and related products and services.

The pictures were all taken in the area of Mt. Shasta, California.  Mt. Shasta is considered to be one of seven sacred mountains on Planet Earth. Mt. Shasta also has a portal energy.  The picture below was taken near a large portal stone which is next to the road going up the mountain.  Meditating with this picture can assist you to connect to other dimensions.  This unedited picture was taken with a one-time use digital camera from the local Rite Aid store.

The first picture to appear with sixth dimensional codes was the Blue Ray Guardian picture taken at nearby Lake Shastina on October 27, 2004.
 This picture brings in the codes to activate the DNA for the ascension energies coming into the planet at this time.  The codes are displayed in the blue formation.  Some people have received healing when meditating with this picture.  You can see this picture by clicking here .

It was when my first digital camera broke that I discovered I get different pictures with different cameras.  A friend gifted me an old Kodak Easy Share which is only 1.3 megapixels.  This camera captures creation codes, rainbow orbs,  elementals and other things.  The one time use cameras take wonderful pictures of the portal energies including rainbow portals as violet ray transformational portals.  You amy also see fairy lights and other dimensional animals in some of the pictures.

I don't edit the pictures except for sometimes adjusting the brightness on dark pictures or occasionally removing a wire or fence post.  In all other ways, the pictures are just as they occur.  They each have their own unique energy.

In 2007, Dan Shaw and I created a video about the pictures. We were at nearby Stewart Mineral Springs . The video was created after sunset, so there were some lighting challenges.  Until we can create a new one, this will give you the basic idea. To see the video Click Here

We'll be setting up pages with more information and related messages about the pictures.
  In the meantime, here is a sample of our pictures and products with links to the galleries.

Mt. Shasta Portal

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Thanks for visiting us.  Please come back soon to see what's new as we develop our site.